The Bryant Brief: February 2016

Momentum…you can feel it, you can see it.
I started February with a nine day road trip. At many of our stops the crowd was several times what we were expecting. People have heard about me or heard me on the radio, and are coming to events so they can learn more. They are leaving those events after donating, volunteering or often both.

Thank you! 
On February 10th, our campaign crossed the million dollar raised mark. Since announcing in May, together we’ve raised $1,048,598. (Of that, $7,000 was contributed by the Republican parties in Benton and Franklin counties). In that same period, Inslee raised $2,475,334 and I understand about $545,000 came from the Democratic Party. We are strong, but need to raise millions more before the end of June if we’re to launch a winning campaign this summer. If you would like to organize a fundraising event for us, please contact 

Across our state volunteers are knocking on doors and calling voters. Many of those are voters who we believe would have voted for Rob McKenna in 2012 but who did not vote. My campaign has identified approximately 94,000 voters who we think might have voted for Rob, but who didn’t turn in a ballot. Winning this election next November means contacting every one of those voters before March 30. Winning next November requires working now and I need your help. If you are willing to knock on the doors or call 25 of these voters in your neighborhood, please shoot us a message at and we will send you a list of voters in your community.

How we win.
The Elway Poll released last January, before many of the governor’s recent problems came to light ( and showed voters are almost evenly split into thirds between Inslee supporters, Bryant supporters and Undecided voters. 58% rate the governor’s performance as “poor” or “only fair”, only 39% want to re-elect.

Joel Connelly’s recent article provides an insightful look into our campaign’s strategy—

The media is paying attention to the race.
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