The Bryant Brief: September, 2015

Winning campaigns build momentum. Ours is. Former Governor Dan Evans, Senator Slade Gorton and Congressman Sid Morrison have enthusiastically endorsed my campaign. Many legislators-moderate and conservative-from both sides of the mountains, have thrown their support behind the Bill Bryant for Governor campaign. Our ranks keep growing: both the Kitsap and Pend Oreille county parties have formally endorsed my candidacy for governor. But we’re not just Republicans. Independents who know Washington needs leadership, and Democrats who know the incumbent isn’t leading are also among our supporters and donors.

Last Thursday and Friday, I spent time with New Mexico’s Governor Susana Martinez talking about how a winning coalition reaches out to everyone and focuses on giving every kid an equal chance to get ahead. That’s what I’ve been doing since I announced, and what I’ll keep doing. That’s why I toured the Sierra publicly chartered school in Seattle’s International District last Wednesday and why in the coming weeks I will visit schools across our state that are reaching out and meeting the needs of kids from all backgrounds.

Together we are building a winning coalition. Come on, join us.


Bill Bryant