Creating Solid, Family Wage Jobs

Creating a long-term strategic plan that lays out how the state can support Washington’s job generating sectors.

Bill Bryant’s grandfather worked in the timber industry, and also as an operating engineer building many of our highways in Southwest Washington. His father was a teacher, and his parents took other jobs and opportunities to provide for five kids. In his early years, Bill grew up around people who worked in mills and on dams, and he has spent most of his career opening export markets for Washington’s agricultural products.

As a port commissioner, Bill worked with shipping companies, airlines and manufacturers, and industries that are dependent on tourism. He knows the wealth of our state is measured not in its total income, but in the income of people, like his grandfather, who go to work every morning so they can take care of their families and hopefully have a safe retirement.

As governor, Bill will: 

  • Strategically focus state government on supporting Washington’s job generating sectors.
  • Use his international trade experience to bolster Washington state exports.
  • Fund workforce development programs that prepare high school students for meaningful career opportunities. 
  • Reinvest in the 4th largest job generator in Washington state—tourism.
  • Eliminate redundant and uncertain permitting requirements, making it easier for companies to add jobs in Washington.