Let's Get Washington to Work

Jobs & Economy Plan

 We live in an era when it’s likely that 40% of today’s Fortune 500 companies will not exist in ten years.  They will have been purchased, merged or reinvented.  Innovation is not a strategy for success – it is essential to maintain competitiveness.

Bill Bryant’s experience in both the private and the public sector give him an understanding of the 21st Century Economy and the experience to lead Washington into an unprecedented period of growing opportunity for all Washingtonians.

That begins with a strategic plan to harness the regulatory power of the state and the budget of the state and focus them on helping the private sector generate jobs.


1.      Expand Education, Develop the Workforce

Respond to the changes in our economy and the technologies available to prepare our kids to find job opportunities in Washington that meet their goals and our needs.


·       Reinvent the last two years of high school by expanding career and technical education programs, pre-apprenticeship opportunities, and industry certifications, providing kids who choose not to go to college with a different but equally rigorous track.

·       Develop an equitable education funding formula that ensures equality of education opportunity to every student.

·       Recognize the differences in our kids and give them options be either college or career ready. These options include charter schools, STEM middle and high schools, and skill centers.


2.      Regulatory Review, Regulatory Certainty

Make sure the rules make sense, that everyone understands what they are, what our goal is.


·       Establish a moratorium on all new regulations until state agencies can justify the ones already in place.

·       Establish standards that require agencies to:

o   State the objective of the regulation,

o   Show measurable results,

o   Demonstrate legislative authority.

·       Require sunsetting provisions on all regulations to force legislative review and continuing authority.


3.      Move People, Move Freight

Invest in a transportation system that recognizes the changes in our population, considers short and long-term environmental protections, and increases commerce and creates more jobs.


·       Increase road capacity to end traffic gridlock,

·       Repair crumbling infrastructure

·       Build public transit that people will use because it works, that gets cars off the road, and that can be built over the next 8 years.


4.      Help Small Businesses Grow

Small businesses are the single largest source of new jobs in Washington.  We need to make it easier to start and grow a small business.


·       Provide Business and Occupation tax relief for companies that employ fewer than 10 people,

·       Simplify the sales tax for small companies that sell products across the state,


5.      Govern Strategically, Generate Jobs

Develop a strategic vision for Washington.


·       Create a 10-year vision for Washington for each of our ten job-generating sectors:

1.      Technology

2.      Military

3.      Agriculture

4.      Trade and Transportation

5.      Tourism and Recreation

6.      Medical Science

7.      Manufacturing

8.      Forestry

9.      Fisheries

10.  Energy

·       Ensure biennial budgets are moving us toward 10-year job generation goals.

·       Ensure regulatory decisions are consistent with strategic plan for each sector.


6.      Expanding Fairness & Opportunity

A quality education and good jobs should be available to every Washingtonian, regardless of where they live, where they were born, and what their goals.


·       Reinvent the last two years of high school to accommodate kids who want to go to college and those kids who want a skilled profession.

·       Make sure our state minimum wage structure reflects the economies of each region, not a one-size-fits-all mandate that creates an unlevel playing field and makes our small businesses less competitive.

·       Fix the regulatory rules so that our small businesses can grow faster and create more jobs so that those who want to work, have a good opportunity.