Embracing Innovation in Our Schools and Classrooms

Every kid should have an equal chance to get ahead. Unfortunately, our traditional school system is failing too many kids. That is morally wrong, and it undercuts our economy. Let's embrace innovations that meet the needs of a diverse population in the 21st Century.

When my grandparents came West escaping the Dust Bowl, they settled in a shack at the edge of the Toledo High School football field. Grandma always said her grandchildren would not live in poverty, and she told us education was the way to climb out.

When I visit schools, parents, teachers, and principals, sometimes they ask why I care so much about fixing our schools? I tell them I grew up in a rural school district and received a good public education, and I want to make sure every kid gets an equal chance to get ahead

Right now, we're failing too many of Washington’s children. Depending on where you live, nearly 25% of our 9th graders won’t graduate from high school, a percentage that is even higher in some disadvantaged or lower property value neighborhoods. Because of where I grew up, I refuse to accept that. I am running to make fully funding education our state’s first and top priority. I will reinvent the last two years of high school so that every kid graduates with the skills they need to get a family wage job. I want to give principals and teachers the funding and flexibility they need to meet the diverse needs of 21st century students.

My 51% Plan for Education is my commitment to dedicate 51% of all state spending to education.  And rather than raise your taxes, my plan relies on dedicating new revenues to meet our goal and make sure every child in Washington has access to a quality education.