KPQ News Wenatchee: Two Republican Candidates Travel State, Promise Audit of Government Spending

April 7, 2016

This week, Bill Bryant and State Auditor candidate Mark Miloscia hit the road on the "Better, Not Bigger Government" tour to talk with the media regarding how the state auditor and governor can work together to clean up Olympia.

Two Washington Republicans are traveling around the state touting a joint campaign.

Governor candidate Bill Bryant and Senator Mark Miloscia, who’s running for State Auditor, are calling for an examination of government procedures.

During the interview Miloscia and Bryant talked about how our government is wasting funds.

Miloscia says some state agencies are wasting money by duplicating their oversight.  “Homelessness.  Education Department uses one measure for homeless students. But then the Department of Commerce uses another measure.  Two different measures that are different.  Two different agencies dealing with the same function.  They need to work together.”

Bryant says state agencies need to be held accountable.  “We need to have quantifiable goals for every program.  And if the program isn’t working, we fix it, or we eliminate it.”

The two politicians’ claim the state government needs to run more efficiently.  Bryant thinks governors often operate with separate agendas.  He says he and Miloscia both want to rebuild the state budget, looking for ways to save money.

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Mike Foster