SEATTLE TIMES: Bill Bryant vows to fire state agency managers

While hundreds of Republican delegates gathered in Pasco for the WSRP State Convention this past weekend, the Seattle Times highlights some of the events and activities including Bill Bryant's fiery keynote address on Friday night.

...[Bill Bryant] while firing up the crowd at the state GOP convention dinner Friday night with a pledge to sweep out state-government management if he is elected this fall.

“People want a government that gives a damn about them and right now they don’t think it does,” Bryant said, citing traffic jams, failing schools and unresponsive bureaucracies. He slammed Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee for running on a promise not to seek new taxes and then pushing for $1 billion in new state tax revenue.

Bryant said he’d fire top state managers and reach down as far as necessary into the management ranks in failing state agencies, saying “we’re going to have a culture change in Olympia where we focus on making government better, not bigger.”

“I will replace all ineffective leadership in every department,” Bryant said. “The days of musical chairs are over.”

Bryant said he’d launch a four-year plan to “rebuild the state budget from zero on up” and impose a moratorium on all new regulations until departments justify the ones they have now...

Mike Foster