6 Reasons Why 60% of Washingtonians Don’t Support Jay Inslee

Governor Inslee is in trouble! The latest Elway Poll exposed the glaring weaknesses in the governor's chances of re-election. His campaign is probably searching for answers, so we thought we'd offer some possible reasons for the lack of support. 

1. Higher taxes don't make for better government. 

Year after year, Jay Inslee turns to raising taxes as a first resort to fixing the state's problems, rather than looking at how money is spent and offering innovative solutions. 

2. Washington's school system isn't built for the 21st century.


Speaking of innovation, Governor Inslee hasn't embraced it when it comes to education. Charter schools are incubators for learning innovation, and ideology shouldn't get in the way of progress. 

3. Businesses aren't allowed to thrive and succeed. 


As the Alcoa layoffs showed us, solid, family wage, middle class jobs are lost when bedrock companies and industries shut down. And that happens far too often in our state. 

4. The unlawful early release of 3,200 prisoners. 


There were 16 opportunities for Inslee's administration to to end the improper early release of prisoners. That still wasn't enough to fix the problem. Now, thousands of prisoners who should be behind bars are free all over Washington. 

5. Washingtonians want a governor who is committed to service. 


That means putting in the work needed to achieve results and innovative solutions to the issues facing our state, not being beholden to extreme ideology. 

6. No Management of Bureaucracies. 


Many problems stem from Jay Inslee’s lack of management and leadership skills. Time to take a pressure hose to Olympia. 

Bottom Line: Washington wants pragmatic change.

They're tired of high taxes, more spending, and nothing to show for it.

Mike Foster