A few thoughts on the Alcoa Curtailment

Moms and dads in Ferndale and Wenatchee woke up anxious, uncertain, and maybe scared because they are losing their jobs with Alcoa.

This story is all too familiar in too many Washington towns. Solid, family wage, middle class jobs are lost when bedrock companies and industries shut down. Many of the Alcoa jobs were union jobs with good benefits.

Imagine if instead of spending the last three years aggressively targeting community bedrock employers like Alcoa, Governor Inslee had pulled people together, found ways to build up those companies and encouraged new job generating investment. If he had, hundreds of families might not be wondering what they are going to do now.

Let’s stand with the workers and their families in Ferndale and Wenatchee. This news doesn't have to be just another headline, instead, let’s come together and begin promoting policies that defend middle class families and the jobs so many folks in towns all across Washington depend upon.

With the closing of the Alcoa plants, Inslee’s extreme agenda might have won, but working families in Washington lost. It’s time we reclaim Washington.


Mike Foster