A Holiday Message from Barbara Feasey

This holiday season, I’m grateful for many things including Bill’s opportunity to run for governor. As he’s talked with people across our state, he’s become even more passionate about quality education forall, family wage jobs, protecting our environment, and modernizing government so it serves people better. His commitment to service inspired by these conversations makes me even more supportive of the campaign, and the time and effort we’re investing to win. 

My family honored public service and was committed to volunteering in our community. Mom supported both Dan Evans and Slade Gorton’s first statewide campaigns. I remember marching in parades for both of them. Marching in parades for Bill’s campaigns years later reminded me how they bring families together to celebrate community.

I attended schools in SW Washington and am grateful for the good public education I received. That’s why I share Bill’s belief that kids in all parts of our state deserve access to an excellent education.

I also share Bill’s commitment to conservation and the environment. Early in our marriage we lived in Yakima where I served as executive director of the Yakima Greenway Foundation, a non-profit land trust that builds parks and trails and preserves habitat along the Yakima and Naches Rivers. Several years after our move to Seattle, I helped found the Seattle Parks Foundation. For the first year the foundation was housed in our basement...the same basement where Bill started his company.

Our basement today is the home of Bully Cat, a neighborhood stray who lived in our garage for eight years (where he had a heated bed and food but wouldn’t let us near him) and who was finally coaxed to move inside last winter. Upstairs we live with Gabby, a rescue cat from Winthrop (who earned her name) and Inka, a pure black rescue cat named after one of the jaguar cubs at Woodland Park Zoo. While we love our cats, we also love dogs and I’ve promised Bill we’ll adopt one if he wins.

We have so much to be thankful for; family, friends, good health and, at this time next year, we hope to be grateful for a victory.

- Barbara Feasey

Mike Foster