Bill Bryant on Why We Need More Support for Core Plus Programs

Yesterday, I spoke with the Manufacturing Industrial Council about why I added money for Core Plus programs to the port budget.  

It was one of the last things I did before leaving the port, and I did it for moral and economic reasons. Morally, I believe it is wrong to preserve a school system that accepts a quarter of our ninth graders not finishing high school.

We need to modernize our system so it meets the needs of all students. Failing those kids also undermines our economy, because in too many sectors WA does not have the workforce companies need.

I want to reinvent the last two years of high school so that they are relevant to what kids want to do after they graduate. Kids who don't want to go on to a university should be able to graduate not only with a high school diploma, but with the technical certificate they need to begin a good paying career in the trades.

Core Plus can be part of my initiative to reinvent high school's junior and senior years.

We need to keep kids in school and we need to keep family wage jobs in Washington.

Mike Foster