DAILY SUN NEWS: Sanders, Bryant exude passion

This recent article from Roger Harnack, editor of the DAILY SUN NEWS, highlights his sit down with Bill Bryant.  Where he found Bill to be genuine and passionate about his vision for the state.

I also had the opportunity to meet Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Bryant for the first time.

Bill and I met for an hour at The Wild Boar Grill in Benton City, about halfway between our office and the stumping he was doing in the Tri-Cities. Over a couple Pepsis, we talked about state government, management of public lands, the economy and jobs, and the future of our state.

The Daily Sun News Editor continued to discuss Bill's vision:

Bill came with a vision I appreciated. He talked about the need to clean out the Capitol by getting rid of the systemic, overburdening bureaucracy. He talked about the need for a zero-balance budget instead of the shell games routinely practiced in Olympia. And he talked about proper management of public lands, management that would create jobs and reduce the massive wildfires we’ve had in Eastern Washington the last couple years..

..I found Bill to be genuine and passionate about his vision for the state. And his approachable nature would help him keep in touch with his roots in the agriculture industry and Eastern Washington.

He concluded his column with:

Whatever the outcome of the gubernatorial and presidential elections next November, I believe the passions and visions of these two candidates will help make our communities, state and nation better places to live.

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Mike Foster