East Marginal Way Bridge Opening

Bill Bryant Remarks on Transportation Progress

Phase I of the EMWGS project was completed and celebrated two years ago. We are now celebrating the completion of Phase II. The East Marginal Way Grade Separation (EMWGS) project is a major roadway overpass near the East Marginal Way/South Spokane Street intersection. The grade separation is a complex bridge structure that conveys surface traffic above both Burlington Northern/Santa Fe (BNSF) and Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) tracks. The completed project improves freight mobility for numerous terminals and provides safer transit for all traffic by eliminating surface street/railroad crossing conflicts at this area.
The East Marginal Way Phase II project will complete surface street improvements at the south end of the EMWGS structure and eliminate the last remaining conflict between rail traffic and northbound traffic accessing the structure. Additionally, proposed construction project improvements beneath the new, adjacent SR-99 structure will enable southbound freight traffic from the EMWGS structure to cross East Marginal Way South and access the proposed Argo Yard Truck Roadway.

The Argo Yard Truck Roadway will reduce round-trip dray times for harbor truckers while improving safety for general-purpose traffic. The project will accomplish these goals by creating a direct drayage route shortcut to the Argo Yard that bypasses congested portions of East Marginal Way South. Additionally, UPRR will construct an Argo Yard gate and site upgrades, to speed truck processing.

Mike Foster