New Independent Elway Poll Shows Inslee in Trouble

In the Elway Poll released this morning, Inlsee’s poor management of state government and lack of leadership are haunting his campaign and undermining his re-election chances. According to the poll, “Governor Jay Inslee has a race on his hands".  

Inslee has spent nearly $1.6 million or 46 percent of his campaign funds but despite already pouring money into his campaign, voters aren't persuaded. Even after spending nearly half of what he has raised so far, his support remains weak. A high name ID incumbent, like Inslee, who can’t poll over 50%, is vulnerable. With only 39% of voters polled inclined to vote for his reelection, Inslee leads international trade businessman and former Port Commissioner Bill Bryant by only 9 points.

Bill Bryant responded to the poll:

Folks in Washington are looking for a governor who focuses on making sure kids learn, traffic moves, prisons work and who can present a job generating vision for our state. This poll shows voters believe Jay Inslee can't effectively manage the state and has no vision for generating family wage jobs. I look forward to providing an alternative leadership style and vision.

Voters are tiring of all the scandals and ethical lapses in Olympia. Inslee has turned over the running of the state to bureaucrats, and in the absence of any leadership, problems are developing, and not getting fixed. We’ve seen it at the Department of Commerce, the Department of Transportation, in emerging issues at the State Patrol, and now at the Department of Corrections. We need to take a pressure hose to Olympia.

Click here for the full .pdf of the Elway Poll.

Bill Bryant is a lifelong Washingtonian. He’s built a company that operates on both sides of the mountains. Bill is chairman of BCI: a firm that helps farmers and agricultural companies export their crops. He is recognized as an innovative local government leader, a conservationist, and is the Republican candidate for governor.

Mike Foster