Our Campaign's Momentum in the Press

Now that the primary field has cleared, the press is starting to get more interested in the race. He’s a sample of recent stories on an array of different issues.

As seen in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer:

Bill Bryant: Washington’s political climate starts to change 30 miles out from Seattle: A Washington native—he was born in Morton—and successful businessman, Bryant talks like a guy who wants to serve one term, shake things up and then go back to finding markets for Washington’s agricultural exports...Bryant has spent most of his adult life promoting Washington’s exports. He has been part of a majority that has sought to end 'crony capitalism' at the Port of Seattle and lower the port’s carbon footprint and air pollution. He is involved in salmon restoration...

New coalition backing charter schools asks legislature to intervene, ‘fix’ Supreme Court ruling: 'Had I been governor, within days of the [Supreme Court] ruling, I would have submitted legislation clarifying the funding source and keeping these kids in school,' Bryant said Tuesday. 'I’ve toured five of the nine publicly chartered schools and will tour all nine before the legislature reconvenes.

It is impossible to talk with the kids who are excited about what they’re learning, with the parents who are thrilled their kid likes school for the first time, with the teachers and principals who are willing to earn less so they have more flexibility to help kids learn, without being moved. These publicly chartered schools are incubators for learning innovation.'

About two-thirds of students in the state’s charter schools are from low-income families, and nearly 70 percent are young people of color.

As seen in The Chronicle:

Bryant’s Punch on Inslee Lands an Important Point: Bryant is correct when he notes the complete failure of Inslee when it comes to allowing businesses to thrive and succeed. Likewise he’s right to ding Inslee for his inability to lead in Olympia. Look no further than the last Legislature, which rolled into unprecedented overtime sessions largely due to his lack of leadership...

As seen in The Wenatchee World:

Bill Bryant Talks about his Run for Governor: [Bryant] is in favor of zero-based budgeting rather than the business as usual approach in this state of assuming that all programs will be kept as is and tacking on dollars.

Mike Foster