Seattle PI: 'Bureaucratic incompetence' led to early release of nearly 3,000 convicts

Yesterday, Joel Connelly of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer wrote about the investigation report prepared in response to the early release of criminals.

According to the article:

A scathing 52-page report, prepared for Gov. Jay Inslee, details "a series of errors coupled with bureaucratic incompetence" that led to the early release of nearly 3,000 inmates, even for three years after the computer glitch was discovered.

Bill Bryant responded in the article:

Bill Bryant, the Republican challenger to Inslee, took a broader view, describing "a culture in state government that has to be turned around" in which departments are "not run well" and bad news does not make it to the top.

"This is a 30 year problem:  The only way to change the culture is to clean house in Olympia," said Bryant.

Summarizing the report:

The report highlights deficiencies in priorities, inattention to DOC's core mission of public safety, and top-to-bottom communication at the Department of Corrections.

Bill Bryant continued in the article:

Bill Bryant argued that bad news in state government ought to quickly rise to where the buck stops.  "Bring it ," he said.  "It's how we have better organizations.  It's how we fix problems.  The culture has to be turned around."

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Mike Foster