Top Five Questions from the Beers With Bill Oktoberfest Tour

The Beers with Bill Oktoberfest Tour was a great success! As Bill travelled the state and met with folks over their favorite brews, there were some questions about the campaign that kept coming up, so we thought we'd share them with you, with Bill's answers. 

It doesn’t really matter whether we vote, does it? Politicians are going to do what they want anyway once they get elected.

Too many people feel ignored, anxious, and angry. Too many of those people who share our values aren’t voting. In the 2016 campaign, some politicians will want to exploit this alienation, anxiety and anger. I don’t. I want to focus on service. A sincere commitment to service will inspire others to join us in building a better community.

How come you know so much about Eastern Washington? 

Barbara and I lived in Yakima in the mid-eighties and early nineties, until we moved to Seattle to set up my company, but since many of my clients live between Omak and Walla Walla, I travel back and forth across the pass all the time. Barbara and I also own a place in the Okanogan. We were evacuated during the fires this year. So issues involving water, agriculture and fire are things I’ve learned about first-hand over the last thirty years.

What does your company do?

My company operates on both sides of our state. It helps agricultural companies and farmers cut through foreign government red tape and open new export markets around the world, and it helps them develop international marketing programs. In Washington State we’ve worked with the apple, cherry, hops, potato, wine, asparagus, and berry industries.

Why would the governor want to shut down a school that’s working just because it’s a charter school?

Ignorance and ideology. I've got to believe the governor just doesn’t know that these publicly chartered schools are meeting the needs of many kids who were struggling in traditional public schools. Ideologically, he’s committed to defending a 20th Century education institution that’s not meeting the needs of a diverse, 21st Century population. I want schools that meet the needs of all kids and I want to lead a state government that embraces innovation.

Will you promise to go in and scrutinize every government program?

I promise to take a pressure hose to Olympia, scrutinize every program and stop funding those that aren’t serving people.

Mike Foster