Washington State's Global Trade Competitiveness

Bill Bryant underscores the role Washington's ports play in our state's economic vitality

Candidate for Governor, Bill Bryant, was quoted as part of the newly launched Competitiveness Caucus, a collaborative effort welcomed by Keep Washington Competitive, a coalition of business, labor, agriculture and trade groups working to highlight regulatory and trade issues essential to the state's long-term future.

"Seattle Port Commissioner Bill Bryant underscored the valuable role Washington's ports play in our state's economic vitality. The cargo moving through the ports of Tacoma and Seattle touch about one-third of the state's gross domestic product — and about 200,000 jobs statewide." 

"Across Washington, thousands of family wage jobs depend on our ports," said Bryant. "Unpredictable policies and permitting processes can undermine our ability to keep and attract employers that provide middle class jobs, and undermine our ability to generate more good jobs in communities across Washington."

"Keep Washington Competitive, with the help of the newly formed Competitiveness Caucus, will maintain a much-needed focus on ensuring we adopt policies that both protect our environment and communities while generating jobs."

More details from the announcement are available from PR Newswire, here. 

Mike Foster