Official Bio

Bill Bryant is a lifelong Washingtonian.  He’s built a company that operates on both sides of the mountains. Bill is chairman of BCI, a firm that helps farmers and agricultural companies export their crops. He is recognized as an innovative local government leader, a conservationist, and is our Republican candidate for governor.

Bill Bryant was born in Morton, WA and grew up along the shores of Hood Canal and hiking in the Olympic Mountains. He graduated from Capital High School in Olympia and worked his way through college at Georgetown University — earning a degree in trade and diplomacy.

In 1989 he married Barbara Feasey, who grew up in Longview. They lived in Yakima, where Bill opened up new export markets for Washington’s apples, pears, and cherries. Twenty three years ago, Bill and Barbara moved from Yakima to Seattle, where Bill founded BCI in their basement with a phone and a fax machine.

Today, BCI employs 35 people and has helped hundred of farmers successfully open up new markets for Washington agricultural products across Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

Eight years ago, Bill was elected to the King County / Seattle Port Commission, where he has earned bi-partisan praise for:

  • Cutting property taxes
  • Defending middle-class jobs
  • Protecting the Puget Sound
  • Working regionally to reduce freight related traffic congestion
  • Consolidating the Ports of Seattle and Tacoma to keep jobs in Washington
  • Reducing the port’s carbon footprint and lowering air pollution
  • Supporting workforce development programs to help people find jobs

Bill’s hero is the great conservationist and reformer President Theodore Roosevelt. Bill and Barbara share this commitment to conservation, and together they’ve worked to protect the Nisqually River Basin, the Methow Valley, and Puget Sound.

During his tenure at the port, Bill has been a reformer, opening up port business practices and increasing auditing and accountability. Most importantly, by consolidating the seaports of Seattle and Tacoma, Bill not only led an initiative that will keep jobs here in Washington, but transformed government to meet the needs of our time.

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