Inslee Wastes Four Years on Puget Sound

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Inslee Wastes Four Years on Puget Sound
Ignores Until Election Year Photo Op

(Seattle, Wash.) – Puget Sound has been neglected under Governor Inslee despite his boasts of being committed to the environment and being the green governor.

“Puget Sound is not a political prop,” said gubernatorial candidate Bill Bryant.  “For me, restoring Puget Sound is a lifetime commitment and restoring it is one of the reasons I’m running for governor.  It is on my bucket list that at the end of my life Puget Sound will be more vibrant than when I was born.”

“Unfortunately, Puget Sound has not been a priority for Inslee,” continued Bryant.  “For four years the Governor has not exercised the leadership necessary for recovery and now, just three weeks before the election, he calls a press conference to announce a new initiative. While additional funding is always welcome, dollars without leadership will be squandered.  We need a governor who will work regularly with local elected officials, set priorities given limited funds and spend the political capital needed to start making progress. Inslee has done none of those things.”

By his own standards, Governor Inslee has failed Puget Sound:

While a port commissioner, Bryant helped spearhead innovative projects to treat storm water, worked to have port, airport, and marina operations certified as salmon safe, and championed projects to restore salmon habitat.  Under Governor Gregoire, Bill was appointed to serve on the Puget Sound Partnership’s Eco-Systems Board.  He is s founding board member of Stewardship Partners and the Nisqually River Foundation, organizations that have projects directly related to Puget Sound and salmon recovery.

“We need a governor who will roll up his sleeves, hammer out implementing agreements with legislators, mayors and county commissioners while keeping all of them focused on a common vision and ensuring funds are spent in ways that deliver results. We have a politician in the governor’s office, more focused on photo-ops than the hard work of governing.”



Matthew Donnellan