Jay Inslee’s Report Card: F

Jay Inslee’s Report Card: F

(Seattle, Wash.) Last week the Cato Institute released their biennial report card of America’s governors and, not shockingly, Jay Inslee got an F. Not just any F, but the second lowest grade of any governor.

What does it take to be the second worst governor in America? You can’t just propose more than $1 billion in taxes – you also need to lie to the voters and promise you won’t raise taxes, like Jay Inslee did.

Jay Inslee’s assault on small businesses and taxpayers has grown Washington’s spending by 13% without any substantial reforms to make our state government more efficient or effective. The Cato Institute described Inslee’s abysmal record in depth.

Governor Jay Inslee has pushed for numerous large tax increases, which pushed his grade down to the bottom on this report. Inslee originally campaigned on a promise not to raise taxes, but within months of taking office in 2013 he proposed more than $1 billion in higher taxes in the upcoming two-year budget. In 2014 he proposed a new 7 percent tax on capital gains, increases in cigarette taxes, and other hikes. In 2015 he approved a gas tax increase of 11.9 cents per gallon, as well as tax increases on businesses. In 2016 he pushed another package of tax increases, including broadening the sales tax base and increasing business taxes. 

The past two years, Inslee has pushed various plans for a state cap-and-trade system for carbon emissions, which would raise hundreds of millions of dollars a year for the government. Inslee’s plans have not passed the legislature, but voters will decide on the November ballot, on Initiative 732, whether or not to impose a new carbon tax. 

Inslee scores poorly on spending. The current two-year general fund budget is up 13 percent over the prior budget. State government employment has risen about 5 percent since Inslee took office.

Jay Inslee – America’s second worst governor – earned this F without any consideration for the 1 in 4 students in Washington who won’t graduate from high school in four years, Seattle’s 4th worst in the nation traffic, or a crumbling mental health system that hides its repeated failures.

Click Here to read the full Cato Institute report.


Matthew Donnellan