Transportation Union Endorses Bryant Proposal

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Transportation Union Endorses Bryant Proposal
“Unionized railroad workers would all be safer
if Bryant’s proposals are enacted”

(Seattle, Wash.) – The union representing railway workers, Smart TD, formerly the United Transportation Union, praised former Seattle Port Commissioner Bill Bryant’s safety proposals outlined at Wednesday’s gubernatorial debate.

In a statement, Smart TD said:

In the final 2016 gubernatorial debate we witnessed a major breakthrough for improved rail safety and a strong economy.

Republican Bill Bryant stood up for our state by demanding the adoption of stronger railroad operating standards. 

Our families, communities, and our lives as unionized railroad workers would all be safer if Bryant's proposals are enacted. 

For all the men and women whose jobs would be lost if fears of unsafe cargos led to closing rail traffic, this was a significant moment. 

Bryant’s support clearly demonstrates that strengthening Washington’s railroad safety regulations is of critical importance to everyone regardless of political party. 

Thank you, Bill Bryant for your public commitment to both improving railroad safety and your advocacy for rail commerce.

You can see Bryant’s comments here.

Bryant has committed to being an activist Governor, working to build coalitions to get things done. 

“The problems in Olympia are less about Republicans and Democrats, and more about leadership and coalition-building,” said Bryant.  “I will be an engaged activist Governor focused on getting people together to get things done.”

Matthew Donnellan