Washington’s Business Leaders Support Bryant

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Washington’s Business Leaders Support Bryant
State’s unemployment rate 8th worst in nation under Inslee

(Seattle, Wash.) – As Governor Jay Inslee runs campaign ads taking credit for the success of local businesses in spite of his record, leaders of Washington’s major business groups rally behind Bill Bryant as the best choice to grow the state’s economy and create more jobs. Under Governor Inslee, Washington’s unemployment rate is 8th worst in the nation (a slide from 18th), a full point higher than the national average, placing Washington behind Mississippi and West Virginia.

“If you move past Governor Inslee’s happy talk and look at what’s actually happening in the state, we are falling behind the rest of the nation,” said Bryant. “The growth we are seeing in the Puget Sound is in spite of the Governor, not because of him, and in some parts of the state, we are seeing near double-digit unemployment.”

In addition to Washington’s high unemployment rate, the Governor has failed in several important areas:

• Four years after promising to develop an education funding plan, Inslee has failed to produce a plan, even as nearly 25% of today’s high school freshman will not graduate. Closing our skills gap could lower unemployment by nearly 2%

• Traffic has increased throughout the state, with Seattle now the 4th worst in the nation.

• Adult mental health care is ranked 50th nationally and homelessness has increased 42% in King County alone.

• Salmon and steelhead recovery efforts are failing, threatening the commercial, recreational, and tribal economies they help support.

“After the last four years of tax and regulatory proposals from the governor’s office – including a carbon cap and an unattainable water quality rule, both of which will increase costs for consumers and employers – our board believes that Bill Bryant will bring a fresh, new perspective to an office that’s been held by one party for more than 30 years.”

Kris Johnson
Association of Washington Business


“His experience building and assisting companies on both sides of the Cascades stands out as Bill Bryant’s best qualification with our small-business-owning members. His knowledge of agricultural trade issues combined with his success as a local elected official are additional assets for the job. In short, NFIB members are looking for a candidate who will know instinctively how a tax or regulation will harm job-creation, and they have found him in Bill Bryant.”

Patrick Connor
State Director
NFIB/Washington SAFE Trust


“We strongly believe Bill Bryant will support our interests valiantly.”

Mike LaPlant
Washington Farm Bureau


“The Puget Sound Chapter, National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) proudly supports Bill Bryant for Governor. Bill’s knowledge, common sense approach and passion for issues impacting business, education, and the environment make him a clear choice this election.”

Barry Sherman
Executive Director
Puget Sound Chapter, NECA


“We are pleased to endorse Bill Bryant. Bill is a pragmatic, proven coalition builder. Like our contractor members, Bill is a business leader, founding and growing a company that operates on both sides of the mountains. He’s been an innovative local government leader who balances the state’s values of economic growth and conservation.”

David D’Hondt
Executive Vice President
Associated General Contractors


“We need Bill Bryant’s commitment to fiscal responsibility in Olympia. He will be a true ally for retailers in the Governor’s office.”

Jan Teague
President and CEO
Washington Retail Association


“Bill will fight for business by reducing regulations, looking at ways to decrease the existing tax burdens to make Washington more business friendly. He is motivated to fix education funding for the success of our youth and the future working force of Washington.”

Julia Jordan
Auburn Area Chamber of Commerce


Last month, Bryant outlined his Jobs and Economy Plan, which lays out a 6-point plan for modernizing Washington’s economy.


Matthew Donnellan