Bill Bryant comments on the Governor’s Supplemental Budget

The governor has demonstrated we have very different approaches to handling our state’s budget. He has identified hundreds of millions of dollars in new expenditures, and rather than reprioritizing the budget we passed only 6 months ago he’s proposing new taxes.

Let me offer an alternative approach. I would have examined the new supplemental needs and reprioritized the existing 2015-2016 Budget. It’s what I’ve done in building my own company and how I behaved as an elected official.

On the first day of my administration, I’m going to launch a four year zero based budget initiative that will examine the effectiveness of every program and tax incentive and focus the states existing resources on our core responsibilities. That’s hard work and it requires a leader who can build coalitions and pull people together to prioritize. Governor Inslee, in his final budget proposal, has demonstrated an inability to do that hard work and to lead.

The governor said we need to scrape the barnacles off the boat. We don’t need a scraper; we need to take a pressure hose to Olympia.

Bill Bryant is a lifelong Washingtonian. He’s built a company that operates on both sides of the mountains. Bill is chairman of BCI: a firm that helps farmers and agricultural companies export their crops. He is recognized as an innovative local government leader, a conservationist, and is the Republican candidate for governor.

Mike Foster