Bill Bryant's Statement Regarding Unlawful Early Release of 3,200 Prisoners

Following the Governor’s press conference regarding the unlawful early release of 3,200 prisoners since 2002, Bill Bryant releases the following statement.

Since 2002, Washington State has unlawfully released thousands of prisoners early.  Apparently the Department of Corrections has known about this problem since 2012 and did not correct it.  When asked if someone might lose their job over this, Governor Inslee demurred saying “It’s possible.”  That is not an acceptable response. Bureaucrats and Inslee’s political appointees need to be held accountable for knowing about a problem for years and not fixing it.  

This is just another unfortunate example of why we need to “take a pressure hose to Olympia” and scrutinize the entire operation. Doing that requires an engaged governor who will comprehensively audit and reform every state agency. Inslee proved today that skill set isn't in his wheelhouse.

A governor needs to ensure traffic moves, kids learn and prisons work. It's fine to fly off to Paris and think big thoughts about a global problem, but a governor needs to focus on and fix problems at home.  Governor Inslee is not doing that. Washington deserves a governor who will hold bureaucrats accountable and make government work better. 



Mike Foster