Bryant statement regarding 16 missed opportunities to fix the accidental release of convicts

Bill Bryant issued the following statement regarding the State’s failure to act on 16 opportunities to end the improper release of convicted criminals:

Beyond public safety concerns, this ineptness calls into question Governor Inslee’s ability to lead state agencies. He has turned over the running of the state to bureaucrats, and in the absence of leadership from the governor, problems are smoldering in dark corners rather than getting fixed. We’ve seen it at the Department of Transportation, in emerging issues at the State Patrol, and now at the Department of Corrections. We need to take a pressure hose to Olympia.

Earlier today, I spoke with State Senator Padden, chair of the Senate Law and Justice Committee, and asked him to hold hearings as soon as the legislature convenes. The people of Washington deserve to know why nothing was done to fix this problem, despite apparently having at least 16 opportunities to fix it over a three year period.

Mike Foster