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ICYMI: July 26, 2016

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Bill Bryant, Republican challenger for Governor, has been stumping across the state on his 23-city "Big Blue Bus Ballot Bash Tour" telling his volunteers and supporters that Republicans are responsible for electing Jay Inslee, because so many of them didn't turn in their ballots.  Republican Rob McKenna lost the governor's race to Inslee by roughly 94,000 votes, and close to 175,000 Republican voters didn't vote in that election.  The Marysville Globe reported on Bryant's campaign speech.

Marysville Globe

GOP candidate for governor visits Marysville to call for votes

by KIRK BOXLEITNER,  Marysville Globe Reporter

Jul 22, 2016

MARYSVILLE — Like most local campaign offices, the Snohomish County Republican Party's headquarters is tucked away in an unassuming cluster of storefronts, but it was bustling with activity when gubernatorial candidate Bill Bryant stopped by to join volunteers in calling voters July 20.

Bryant's Marysville stop was part of a 23-city bus tour, during which he hopes to motivate Washingtonians to turn in their ballots for him for the Aug. 2 primary.

"Let me ask you, who elected Jay Inslee?" Bryant asked the volunteers, as they prepared to go to work on their cell phones. "The answer is Republicans, by not voting."

Bryant reported that Republican Rob McKenna lost the governor's race to Inslee by roughly 94,000 votes, then noted that close to 175,000 Republican voters didn't file a ballot.

"The people in your lists are likely to vote for us, but they're unlikely to vote in the first place, unless they get a little nudge," Bryant said. "If they vote now, they'll vote again in November."

Bryant assured the volunteers that even if some of the phone numbers they called turned out to be bad, because of people moving or area codes changing, they were still doing productive work.

"We'd rather find out those numbers are no good now, in July, and have months to clean up our phone lists, then have it surprise us in October," Bryant said.

Given the close contests between not only McKenna and Inslee in 2012, but also between Republican Dino Rossi and Gov. Christine Gregoire in 2004 and 2008, Bryant expressed confidence that tipping the vote by just a few percentage points will be enough to make the difference.

"Every vote matters," Bryant said. "Snohomish County could decide the election."

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 [Full article from the Marysville Globe: http://www.marysvilleglobe.com/news/387935772.html]
Bill Bryant is a lifelong Washingtonian. He’s built a company that operates on both sides of the mountains. Bill is chairman of BCI: a firm that helps farmers and agricultural companies export their crops. He is recognized as an innovative local government leader, a conservationist, and is the Republican candidate for governor. 

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