Bill Bryant tours Delta High School

(Richland, WA)  Bryant is committed to ensuring "every kid in Washington has an equal chance to get an excellent education. Schools like Delta and the publicly chartered schools I visited in Spokane last Friday, are embracing innovation to meet the different needs of different kids.  We need to be making these quality programs available to kids in neighborhoods across Washington.”

Bryant was impressed with how teachers at Delta integrate humanities, math and science courses to help students understand what they’re learning is relevant to the outside world.  Bryant also complimented PNNL for its support of the school through help securing equipment and providing internships to Delta students.

"Inside Delta, and in its partnerships with the community, there are some real success stories. Let's figure out how to scale them up and make this sort of opportunity available to more kids", said Bryant. He noted that Delta only has room for about half the students who would like to attend.

Mike Foster