Bryant cuts taxes and increases funding for Workforce Development, Puget Sound, and Tourism

Yesterday, the Port of Seattle passed their 2016 Budget. Commissioner Bill Bryant said after the vote:

This budget reflects the priorities I want to scale-up for Washington State.

“We appreciate Commissioner Bill Bryant’s leadership on career and technical education investment at the port,” said Larry Brown, Legislative Director for the Aerospace Machinists Union “The port’s investment in our high school students will provide our young people a pathway to landing good jobs in the skilled trades.”

Dave Gering, Executive Director of the Manufacturing Industrial Council said “Bill Bryant’s leadership on this issue is an example of creative ways we can incentivize the education system to improve an existing program that will give students the technical training that will lead to life long careers.”

According to Bryant:

This budget funds CorePlus, an excellent program to provide K-12 students with meaningful career and technical education. All students in Washington should have access to this sort of program. I want to reinvent the last two years of high school by investing in workforce training and pre-apprenticeship programs by partnering with the private sector so students gain the skills to be job ready when they graduate. This budget moves us in that direction.

This budget honors our commitment to the environment by elevating the focus of treating storm water to better the health of Puget Sound.

This budget expands investment in tourism promotion in order to increase job growth in our state.

It does all this and cuts taxes by nearly $1 million.

Every year since I've been at the Port, we've held property taxes flat or cut them, even while expanding services. When government can cut taxes it should. We could this year and once again we did. This is what can happen with leadership that pulls people together to get things done. Imagine what is possible if we brought this vision and fiscal responsibility to Olympia.


Starting in 2000 the port commission began raising the tax to the point where when Bill Bryant was elected in 2008 it was almost at its maximum legal amount. Every year since Bill’s election (2008) he has successfully worked to cut property taxes or hold them flat. In 2008 the port collected $75.9 million. The budget passed yesterday collects $72 million.

Bill Bryant is a lifelong Washingtonian. He’s built a company that operates on both sides of the mountains. Bill is chairman of BCI: a firm that helps farmers and agricultural companies export their crops. He is recognized as an innovative local government leader, a conservationist, and is the Republican candidate for governor.

Mike Foster