Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Bryant endorsed by former three-term GOP Gov. Dan Evans

Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Bryant was endorsed Monday by former three-term GOP Gov. Dan Evans, with Evans recalling when he started traveling the state and registered at 3 percent in the polls.

“I’ve known Bill for a long time: He is a uniter, not a divider and will start bringing the people of this state back together,” said Evans.

As Joel Connelly wrote in the Seattle PI: Evans is a genuine believer in bipartisanship.  He collaborated, in writing the state’s basic environmental laws, with state Sen. Martin Durkan, twice a Democratic candidate for Governor. He cofounded the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Coalition with ex-Gov. Mike Lowry. Evans and Lowry faced off in the state’s 1983 special Senate election.

With that in mind, Evans took a shot Monday at incumbent Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee. “He’s a real nice guy for all I know,” Evans said of Inslee. “But he brings the partisanship of the (U.S.) House of Representatives with him to Olympia. Bill is the person who brought the Ports of Seattle and Tacoma together in a time of intense competition. ”

Mike Foster