Kitsap Republicans Endorse Bill Bryant for Governor

The Kitsap County Republican Party (KCRP) Executive Board joined forces with former Governor Dan Evans and Republicans across the state of Washington to support Bill Bryant for Governor.

“Bill Bryant is a local son, a native of the Hood Canal and the Olympic Peninsula, and he has a keen grasp on the issues and challenges that really matter to the working families of Kitsap County”, said Kitsap Republican Party Chairman Chris Tibbs. “We’re proud and confident to be the first Republican Party County Committee in Washington to endorse Bill Bryant for Governor”.

Bill Bryant has been elected twice in King County as Port Commissioner - his “district” includes 16 legislative districts, three congressional districts one-third of Washington’s registered voters. Since announcing his candidacy he’s raised nearly $600,000 from supporters across the state.

“Bill’s moderate positions on social issues and strong record of fiscal conservatism and economic development are winners with voters statewide”, added Tibbs.

Bryant has already received endorsements from Rep. Michelle Caldier, Rep. Jesse Young, Rep. Dan Griffey, Rep. Drew MacEwen and 21 other state representatives.

The KCRP has established a record of success with voters in Kitsap County, beginning with the strong numbers for Republican candidates in 2012, the high-profile election of Sen. Jan Angel in 2013, her successful re-election in 2014 along with the election of the four Representatives in the 26th and 35th Districts, the elections of County Commissioner Ed Wolfe, County Assessor Phil Cook, County Prosecuting Attorney Tina Robinson, and County Coroner Greg Sandstrom. In 2016 the KCRP plans on fielding aggressive and well-funded candidates for the North and South Kitsap County Commission seats, as well as candidates in the 26th District legislative races.

Mike Foster