Madison Park Times: Republican Port Commissioner Bryant aims for Olympia

Brandon Macz, writing for the Madison Park times:

If elected, Bryant said he wants to see quantifiable benchmarks being met in government-funded programs and explore other options for delivering.

“We might find out we end up with a very different-looking bureaucracy,” he said, adding cutting programs would be less contentious if there was better data to show they are not working. “If you’re cutting a program that isn’t working, who are you hurting?”

Bryant said he also wants to focus on job creation, one goal being to build the North Pacific Fishing Fleet backup, which would require tens of millions of dollars to construct new, top-of-the-line vessels. He again points to a broken Washington education system as a reason there are not more people working in that industry, saying they lack the computer science and mathematic skills now required in the field.

He said he also would use his professional experience helping companies and organizations expand into international markets to boost trade and tourism in Washington.

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Mike Foster