Senator Jan Angel endorses Bill Bryant for Governor

Washington State Senator Jan Angel announces her endorsement of Bill Bryant for Governor. Angel said:

“It is my honor to step forward and endorse Bill Bryant for Washington State Governor. Our state sorely lacks leadership that must come from the top to provide the skills of interpersonal relationships and communications, consensus building and the ability to bring both the House and the Senate together as well as have the respect of the residents of the communities we all serve. Bill Bryant has these qualities. He listens and acts.

With the issues our state is now facing, it is critical to have someone like Bill to bring both sides of the aisles together to come to strong solutions for our people. We must have someone that understands business, which Bill certainly does. We need someone who is familiar with the various parts of the state, which Bill certainly is, having lived and worked in a number of communities both in Eastern Washington and Western Washington.

We need someone who understands the strong economy that trade can bring to our area and Bill certainly understands that serving as a Commissioner for the Port of Seattle. When you take all these factors into consideration, Bill Bryant is the man to lead Washington State into the future. I certainly support him and I ask others to join me in this effort.”

Mike Foster