Bryant Campaign Launches Income Tax Calculator

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New State Income Tax Proposed if Inslee & Co. Have Their Way
Bryant Campaign Launches Income Tax Calculator

(Seattle, Wash.) - When Jay Inslee ran for governor, he promised to veto any tax increases, then within hours of taking office he proposed a massive tax increase. The Seattle Times reported “Inslee’s proposal breaks his 2012 campaign pledge” and the Washington Policy Centerpointed out “after a year of pledging that new taxes won’t be needed to fix Washington’s budget woes, Governor Inslee now appears prepared to break his campaign promise.”

Jay Inslee demonstrated, by breaking the core promise of his campaign, that he cannot be trusted when it comes to taxes. Now that he is campaigning again, Inslee is going down the same road.

Jay Inslee has already supported billions of dollars in tax increases, and is even proposing a brand new, first of its kind in Washington, statewide tax on capital gains incomes. While Jay Inslee is busy trying to raise taxes on water, carbon, doctors, and even beer, his allies in the State Legislature have proposed a massive income tax on every hardworking Washingtonian.  Can we really trust Jay Inslee when he broke his promise last time?

“I’d ask Governor Inslee to promise to veto any income tax increase, but based on his past broken promises on taxes, how could we believe him?” said Bryant.

Use this tax calculator to find out what you’ll likely pay if Jay Inslee is reelected

Matthew Donnellan