Jay Inslee 2012: “No Excuses” on Education

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Jay Inslee 2012: “No Excuses” on Education
Yet another Inslee Administration Failure

(Seattle, Wash.) – When Jay Inslee ran for Governor four years ago, he made a lot of bold promises.  One of them was how he was going to fix education.

In 2012, he vowed “no excuses” when it came to fixing education and after four years, he's failed to offer a single proposal to address the court-mandated challenge of giving every kid an equal chance for a great education.

Governor Inslee’s statement in the state voter guide:

"We must adopt a no-excuses approach to education...no excuses."

Read the full statement here.

Today, nearly 25% of our high school students won’t graduate, while the Governor offers…excuses.

Matthew Donnellan