Inslee's Incompetence and Corruption at Western State Hospital

Inslee's Incompetence and Corruption at Western State Hospital

The scandals at Western State Hospital are well known. Earlier this year it was revealed that 185 patients have escaped since Jay Inslee took office, and now, even more troubling news. 

Back in May, when a patient considered “a threat to himself and others” escaped Western State, officials said it was “a rare occurrence,” but it's since been revealed to be a systemic problem dating back to 2013.

KOMO News reported that, “Police records revealed that patients bolted out of doors, jumped over fences, crawled out windows, ran away from staff and wandered off after being allowed outside the building.”  

Dozens of these escapees are still on the loose. 

And as the gross mismanagement of the facility and public endangerment was being revealed, Western State withdrew its national accreditation.

Federal authorities are insisting on reforms and oversight or millions of federal dollars will be withdrawn, throwing the institution into even more of crisis KOMO News also revealed that the Inslee Administration covered up the hospital’s loss of certification. The Inslee Administration fraudulently promoted Western State as accredited for more than three months to the public website. They did not notify the employees, their union, doctors and nurses, patients, or families of patients that the hospital was no longer accredited.

The hospital posted jobs at the facility as recently as last week, boldly claiming that “Western State Hospital is a fully accredited, psychiatric hospital serving western Washington providing evaluation and inpatient treatment for adults with serious or long-term mental illness.” 

The Inslee Administration has known of this for more than three months, but willfully misled the public as to the hospital’s status. 

The public, and the Legislature, deserved to know of this development, not to mention the employees, doctors, patients, and families. Jay Inslee failed to do the right thing.

Matthew Donnellan