Auburn Chamber of Commerce Endorses Bill Bryant

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Auburn Chamber of Commerce Endorses Bill Bryant
Education and Job Creation Set Bryant Apart

(Seattle, Wash.) – Gubernatorial candidate and small businessman Bill Bryant received the endorsement of the Auburn Area Chamber of Commerce this week. Bryant, who started his business twenty years ago to help Washington’s farmers export their crops, is uniquely qualified to help businesses create jobs around Washington and fix the problems created by the Inslee Administration’s poor management of state agencies.

“The Auburn Area Chamber of Commerce endorses Bill Bryant for Governor as a highly qualified candidate. Bill will fight for business by reducing regulations, looking at ways to decrease the existing tax burdens to make Washington more business friendly,” said Auburn Area Chamber of Commerce President Julia Jordan. “He is motivated to fix education funding for the success of our youth and the future working force of Washington.”

“I’m honored to have the support of the Auburn Area Chamber of Commerce. As someone who knows what it’s like to sign the front of a check and create real jobs, I know the obstacles our small business owners face. I’m committed to helping businesses and entrepreneurs around Washington grow our economy,” said Bryant. “When Governor Inslee took office, Washington’s unemployment rate was a full point better than the US average – now we’re nearly a full point worse. We’ve slipped to the 8th worst unemployment rate nationally and are falling further behind thanks to Jay Inslee’s mismanagement.”


Matthew Donnellan