Bryant Dominates Second Debate

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Bryant Dominates Second Debate
Highlights Four Years of Inslee Failures

 (Seattle, Wash.) – Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Bryant was the clear winner in tonight’s debate, highlighting a laundry list of Inslee Administration failures and broken promises.
Bryant demonstrated his command of the issues facing the state and outlined a clear-eyed approach to fixing them, while Governor Inslee made excuses and shifted blame, rather than take any responsibility for his failures.
The Inslee Record:


  • After promising four years ago that he’d fix education funding – with no excuses – he’s failed to present even one proposal

  • Homelessness has increased 42% in King County alone and is spreading throughout the state

  • Traffic in Seattle is now the 4th worst in the country

  • Washington has dropped from 18th to the 8th worst unemployment in the country

  • The State’s healthcare authority made a $400 million error, triggering a budget crisis, and forcing cuts in other important programs

  • After promising four years ago that he’d veto any tax increase, he proposed more than $1 billion in new taxes

  • More than 3,000 criminals were released from prison before completing their sentence

  • 185 patients escaped the state’s largest mental hospital with dozens still at large

    • When the governor learned of the escapes, he mislead the public and the Legislature, and covered up investigations and the loss of the accreditation

    • These failures have resulted in deaths, while making us less safe as murderers, rapists, and other violent criminals who should be locked up, are running free in our communities

  • And just today, we learned that five convicted sex offenders were released early from community supervision – including 3 who were supposed to be supervised for life.

After four years of broken promises, cover-ups, and failures, it is time for a new leader for Washington.



Matthew Donnellan